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The 'wall' is now 'steel slats' and Trump has screwed his supporters


Someone in the news media finally asked the White House an uncomfortable question — no, not Jim Acosta, whose only question is, "Are we fake news, Mr. President," said with a daring stare — and it came from "Fox & Friends" of all places.

On President Trump's favorite program Wednesday, co-hosts Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade ,and Steve Doocy confronted White House adviser Kellyanne Conway with the depressing truth that Trump, employing his legendary cut-throat negotiating skills, had just embarrassed himself in trying to get what amounted to pennies in border wall funding.

"[P]eople who voted for him and want the wall, went to the polls to vote for that wall, they want to know how he's going to do this and they want to know why he seems to be softening his stance this morning," asked Earhardt.

Conway replied with a preposterous claim that Trump "is not softening his stance" and then she did what Democrats have been doing: Insist that a wall isn't as important as some vague assurance about "border security."

She might as well have come out in favor of "a woman's right to choose," "common sense gun reform" and other Democratic positions, the true intentions of which are forever masked by doublespeak.

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