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China and Japan: Former Foes, Building Alliance

• by Pye Ian

How is Japan's historical foe and seeming economic rival China learning from those 30+ year-old agreements what NOT to do in its searing trade war with the US, which is getting more acrimonious by the month?

Truth be told, and despite mainstream corporate media compulsively painting the two nations as eternal enemies, Japan is helping China learn from the Plaza Accord experience while simultaneously drawing strategically closer to its Asian neighbor economically and geostrategically.  All with caution, of course, considering that their shared history is complex, often brutal, and they still retain many points of contention, yet Beijing and Tokyo nonetheless know that cooperating economically – especially in light of an increasingly belligerent, unpredictable and hyper-indebted US under the Trump administration – will garner longstanding regional and global benefits.