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What's Really Behind All the Plastic Bans Happening Simultaneously?


There is now an official War on Plastic.

Why are straws the new "assault weapon" in California? Why is the globe simultaneously banning straws and other single-use plastics? It sounds good, right…just cleaning up the environment for the future of the children.

But could there be a darker, more menacing reason for the sudden explosion of anti-plastic news and simultaneous bans?

Why would the tide suddenly turn against the one thing we were promised was a great new innovation? We've been drowning in plastics since birth and in a matter of weeks, every news station is bludgeoning us with what horrible consumers we are to use plastics.

"Green guilt" and penalties are being pushed on consumers in the new wave of eco-insanity. A single-use plastics ban was just approved by the European Parliament.

Have you seen the news? Here are some stats on single use plastic bans.

These states, international cities, and countries have plastic bag bans.







Thailand as of 2021

Taiwan – all single use plastics by 2030

New Delhi – all single use plastics

Karnataka, India

UK – taxes

Chile – coastal cities

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