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Plan to find and explore Ocean Worlds and search for life

• by Brian Wang

Here is a summary of their plan for the exploration of ocean worlds like Europa and Ceres over the next several decades.

They want to identify all of the ocean worlds, characterize their oceans, evaluate their habitability, search for life, and ultimately understand any life we find. The team supports the creation of an exploration program that studies the full spectrum of ocean worlds. They will explore known ocean worlds such as Europa and candidate ocean worlds such as Triton as well. The confirmed ocean worlds of Enceladus, Titan, and Europa are the highest priority bodies to target.

Triton is the highest priority candidate ocean world to target in the near term.

Rigorous research and analysis studies are needed to enable the planning of future ocean worlds missions. Progress needs to be made in the area of collaborations between Earth ocean scientists and extraterrestrial ocean scientists.