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Free medical fertility and bribes could boost Japan's population in 2100 by 50%

•, brian wang

A comprehensive free fertility program would freeze eggs for young women. The eggs of young women would be the most successful for later test tube babies. Having free IVR fertility treatments would mitigate Japan's low birth rate. Japan has a very low birthrate and nearly a fifth of Japanese couples struggle to have children. 5% of babies in Japan are from IVR. However, 20% could be from successful IVR.

Increasing the payment and support for couples to have babies to the level of one or even two years of income would increase the number of babies by up to 25%.

In Tokyo the Minato Ward gave parents get one-time cash payouts of up to 180,000 yen — about $1,684 — a birth. A town called Ama on the island of Nakanoshima gave payments for babies. Parents get 100,000 yen (about $940) for the first baby and 1 million yen (about $9,400) for the fourth kid. The town's fertility rate bumped up to 1.80 from 1.66 between 2014 and 2015.