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Dems Using Saul Alinsky Tactics to Polarize GOP

•, By: Andrew Moran

Yet, this piece of apparel does not elicit a strong rebuke from the average person – they may even envy the hip kid for having such a rad t-shirt. But do you know what provokes a fierce response? A red ballcap.

Since the 2016 presidential election, red hats, particularly with the words "Make America Great Again," have triggered the left. This is because red caps and MAGA are affiliated with President Donald Trump.

Roland Scahill, a former theater agent and convicted fraudster, recently tweeted that he had seen the fifth MAGA hat "in my 'hood in the last week" and it's "time to move." But how did such an innocuous piece of material and a placid political slogan – one used by former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton – cause people to get so perturbed that they need to assault strangers, cry on college campuses, and even relocate to another bubble, er, neighborhood?