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Wendy McElroy: In a Stateless Society Crypto is Law and Justice

•, Wendy McElroy

The specter of aggression haunts every society. Crimes against person and property cannot be eradicated, unfortunately, because violent impulses are part of human nature, and crime can be profitable. The desire for safety and peaceful exchange is also part of human nature, however. It creates a market demand for the protection of individual "rights."

How can society minimize and redress the violation of rights? This reduces to how individuals can address crime within an otherwise peaceful society.

Overwhelmingly, the crime against which crypto users must protect and seek redress is theft—not murder, not rape, not battery, not victimless crime, or crime against the state. Theft.

Focusing on one area of crime simplifies the problem enormously. Some argue that crypto's remedy for theft is contained within the definition of crypto anarchism itself: the use of encryption and technology to achieve personal freedom by enabling privacy, autonomy, and self-empowerment. Encryption and technology.

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