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Fake pipe bomb hoax reveals last-ditch desperation of self-victimizing Democrats...

• Natural News by Mike Adams

(Natural News) The "fake pipe bomb" events we all witnessed today are nothing more than Democrats mailing fake pipe bombs to other Democrats.

This is their last, desperate ploy to try to control the outcome of a mid-term election they're terrified of losing. And with that loss will come the implosion of the Democrat party, the mass arrests of thousands of deep state traitors, and the exposing of the left-wing media as a lying, anti-American "journo-terrorism" operation that despises truth and democracy.

The fake pipe bombs sent to the addresses of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, CNN and others are pathetic propaganda attempts based on "bombs" that look like nothing more than road flares duct taped to kitchen timers. They aren't even good fakes. They're so obviously not real bombs that much of the internet is mocking the entire affair, pointing out that even Ahmed the Clock Boy built a more sophisticated bomb (oh, but in that case Obama declared it to be a "clock," not a bomb, remember?).

"Proper pipe bombs don't have wires connected to both ends. That's dumb," observed Tom Sauer, who describes himself as a former bomb disposal officer. "A proper timer would best be stored inside the pipe, making it fully encapsulated," he says. "This is nearly the same as a bundle of road flares wrapped together with an old-timey alarm clock ticking away."

Clock taped to "pipe bomb" doesn't even have alarm function

According to an analysis by #Anon, reported by NeonRevolt, the low-cost clock taped to the fake pipe bombs didn't even have an alarm function. Via

So, by now you've heard that none of the "bombs" delivered to Dems today actually worked.

Turns out, #Anons were able to locate the actual make and model of the clock taped to one of the bombs.


It doesn't even have an alarm function.

In other words, it can't count down to anything. It's literally just to make a "scary-looking" bomb prop.

If that doesn't REEEEEEK of desperation, idk what does.

Here's a picture of the China-made dashboard clock, also available on, which shows that the simple clock has no alarm function at all:

With this fake pipe bomb hoax, the deep state Democrats desperately hoped that if they mailed enough fake pipe bombs to each other, they could all blame Trump and proclaim conservatives to be terrorists. But the real violence and terrorism in America comes from the radical Left: Antifa mobs, crazed left-wing shooters at congressional softball games, death threats from left-wing comedians and singers, a constant stream of hate-filled drivel from America-hating Hollywood, the democracy-hating deep state media that pushes fake conspiracy theories about Trump, etc.