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Blue Origins Bezos predicts trillions of humans in the solar system

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Blue Origin founder and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos predicts there will be 1 trillion humans in the solar system one day Blue Origin rocket company plans to help get us there.

Bezos will spend a little more than $1 billion next year to support Blue Origin.

There are thousands of companies on the Internet. Bezos says there will need to be thousands of companies in space.

Bezos has given similar talks about his vision for the future of space.



How could we get to a trillion people in the solar system?

It will take a few hundred years for normal population growth to reach that level.

Within 20 years we will have several competing fully reusable rockets and space planes.

Within fifty years we will have molecular nanotechnology, factory mass produced molten salt nuclear reactors and nuclear fusion reactors and isotope produced positronic nuclear fusion propulsion.

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