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Florida Town Begs OATHKEEPERS To Send Armed Volunteers To Keep Law And Order


Oath Keepers has received an urgent request from a small town in the Florida panhandle (in the zone of destruction from the hurricane) to provide armed security in an anti-looting security operation for the town. This request came from the town Mayor and from the town Fire Chief.

This is a small town of approximately 2,000 residents that does NOT have a police department and in normal times relies on the county sheriff department for law enforcement. However, in the wake of the hurricane, with the power out in the whole county, that sheriff department is now stretched too thin and the 911 system is barely working.

The local volunteer fire department was doing their best to stand guard at night, along with all their daylight duties, but we have now relieved them so they can get some sleep and focus on their mission of rescue, wellness checks, road clearing, and assisting in getting the power back on. The power is still out in a massive swath of Florida from Panama City to the Alabama and Georgia border.

Advertisement We desperately need security trained and experienced personnel to help secure this town, ie. law enforcement or military veterans with appropriate training, or those with civilian security training and experience. You DO NOT have to be an Oath Keepers member, but you do need to be well trained and safe with your firearm, and have a solid understanding of legal use of force and the force continuum. Other groups are welcome to send teams, but they must all be qualified and vetted and they will be under Oath Keepers command (under Scott Dunn, LEO veteran and Oath Keepers Florida leader).

This is an important mission, so please come help if you can and if you can't help in person, please donate to support those who can.

We are getting in reports of looting in other nearby communities who are also without power, so it is possible that this security mission will expand to other towns once we make contact with town officials – so we need volunteers, and lots of them. For complete information on this Call to Action, please go to the article on our website, here: We will keep the website updated with the current status of this operation.

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