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Vaccination and the Herd

•, Doctors for Disaster Preparedness

Zealotry is a problem in and of itself. And at some point, efforts become counterproductive. "Clean" technology such as wind turbines may lead to more net pollution. What if more vaccines produce more net sickness?

Doctors may be hesitant even to ask this question. And families can be punished for failure to vaccinate. In Australia, for example, children must be fully immunized to receive the Child Care Benefit or the Child Care Rebate. In July, the Family Tax Benefit end-of–year supplement will also be tied to full immunization, which will soon include meningococcal C, pneumococcal, and chickenpox vaccines (ABC News [Australia] 12/5/11). In the U.S., such punitive actions are uncommon although children may be excluded from school or from many physicians' offices.