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Cockpit Confidential

• LewRockwell.Com - Patrick Smith

The questions below are taken from the author's book, Cockpit Confidential: Everything You Need to Know About Air Travel. Questions, Answers, and Reflections. There are dozens more in the book's seven chapters. A revised and updated edition was published in June, 2018.

What's the deal with cell phones? Are they really a safety threat?

Turbulence: Everything You Need to Know

The barking dog: those strange noises on Airbus planes

We are told that planes basically fly themselves. How true is this?

The truth about cabin air

What's with those annoying safety briefings?

Aborted Landings for Dummies

Conspiracy Nation: myths, madness, and the "truth" about 9/11

Fees, fees, fees! Will airlines please stop nickel-and-diming us?

Looking on the bright side: airfares, routes, and safety

Is Qantas really the safest airline? And if not, which is?

Those dangerous foreign airlines?

The heroics of Captain Sully and the "Miracle on the Hudson"

How are pilots evaluated for raises or promotions?

Why do between the US & Europe go far north, sometimes over Greenland?

What if somebody opens a door during flight?

Why all the rules about window shades, seat-backs, tray tables & reading lights?

What's the lowdown on cell phones and electronic devices?

Where are the trickiest places to land? Should we be wary of certain airports?

What's that trail of mist coming from the wingtip? Is it fuel?

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