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Elon Musk Deletes His Instagram Account, Leaving 8.2 Million Followers Guessing

• by Tyler Durdan

Business Insider first reported the story, suggesting that the ongoing bizarre online "hate triangle" spat between Musk, his (ex) girlfriend Grimes, and rapper Azealia Bank is responsible.

As we reported over the weekend, on August 12, Banks said on Instagram that she had been at Musk's house and seen singer Grimes "coddling" Musk after the "going private" twitter fiasco. She then told Business Insider that she saw him in the kitchen "scrounging for investors" after tweeting that Tesla had "funding secured." A few days later, Musk confirmed to the NYT that he had seen Banks after initially denying that he had every met her before. Banks also alleged that Musk was "on acid" when he sent out his now infamous "funding secured" tweet.

It did not end there, and on Monday, Banks tagged Musk in her Instagram story, writing "you need to contact me. ASAP." followed by "I need my phone back now."