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Shadow ban. How I went from 1000 followers a day to zero overnight

Flashback to Nov 2016.  At the time my Libertarian Advisor facebook page was taking off.  I'd seen 32k people follow the page the first 2.5 months it was created then boom shadow ban.  I never made a video on this because the message was never about me, but now that this is a main stream issue I want to share with you my experience and also highlight the numerous whisltle-blowers infowars has covered over the years and the many alternative journalist whose careers were ignited via Alex Jones and Infowars.

In this episode we also go over the video's that caused the Alex Jones page to become deplatformed and even show one of the video's.  Notice how the Fake News media doesn't actually point to the crimes of Alex Jones.  They only point to what other MSM has written about and never actually show what he said in its entirety.  Since we are not fake news we will show you the actual video and you can decide.

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