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Covertly Funded By A Billionaire Trump Hater, Would The Deep State Conspire...

•, by Bill Sardi

On March 9, 2018 I wrote a column posted at about the infectious disease industry issuance of a warning that a mutated flu virus could kill 300 million people in what appeared to be false threat (extortion) to avert planned budget cuts by the Trump administration in infectious disease research.  Lo and behold, just three days later I wrote a follow-up report that the infectious disease industry was actually tooling up for an undefined communicable disease that doesn't exist yet.

Just over four months later a consortium of government health experts and politicians now have simulated an outbreak of a flu-like virus that could plausibly kill 900 million people.  In a report published in the Daily Mail(July 30, 2018), public health authorities report "the simulation predicted how governments and health authorities around the world would react to a deadly infection spreading so quickly" … and with no vaccine found "the virus could go on to wipe out a huge chunk of the world's population," said the news report.