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Call Kurtis: The Government Seized $29K Of Mine When I Did Nothing Wrong


Yuba City resident Josh Gingerich buys and flips trucks.  A recent buying trip to do that cost him a bag of cash which was seized by a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) drug interdiction task force at O'Hare Airport.

"A little over 29 grand," the amount taken said Gingerich who was not arrested and did not break any laws.  "No marijuana, no drugs."

He believes an airport TSA agent saw the money in his backpack and tipped off the DEA.

"They take you down to a dingy basement room," said Gingerich.  "No cameras…no nothing."

Gingerich said he was set up by the officers who he says claimed to smell marijuana on a plastic bag filled with dirty laundry in his backpack.  He said officers dumped the clothes, filled the bag with cash, then brought it to the drug dog.