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President Trump Ravages The 'Dark Cabal Of The Deep State'


Soon after last Thursday's release of the bombshell IG Report that the mainstream media is doing their very best to cover up with non-stop coverage of the illegal immigrant crisis in America, President Trump correctly stated that the IG Report not only totally destroyed corrupt former FBI head James Comey but that it also revealed "a dark and dangerous period in U.S. history".

Calling Comey "the ringleader in the whole den of thieves", this 'dark cabal of the deep state' that has stained the criminal justice system and sold away their allegiance to 'country' to get Hillary Clinton into office by any means necessary proved corruption existed at the very highest levels of our DOJ and FBI. Yet as this June 16th story over at Zero Hedge pointed out, according to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, "good FBI agents" tipped off Congress about the mass corruption under Comey.  

And with that actually helping just a bit to restore our faith that what is supposed to be our nation's most pre-eminent law enforcement agency may indeed one day come through and hold those responsible for that corruption accountable for their actions, a tidal wave of information continues to come out after the release of the IG Report including the news that over 300 bribes were paid to FBI agents by journalists, Peter Strzok was recently escorted from FBI headquarters and the exposure of two more anti-Trump lovebirds.