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India and China Announce The "Oil Buyers Club"


I've been looking at some of the globalist summits around the world lately but here's one that slipped under the radar: the International Energy Forum. The IEF's 16th bienniel energy ministers meeting took place in New Delhi this past April and brought together 5o of the world's energy ministers, 30 energy company CEOs and 12 heads of international organizations. Although it didn't exactly make headlines at the time, an interesting story has emerged from the conference.

This past Wednesday, India's Petroleum Ministry tweeted out a link to a story from an Indian financial publication reporting on an idea floated by Indian Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan at the IEF conference. The idea? For India, Chian, South Korea and Japan—all oil hungry Asian nations, all currently at the mercy of the OPEC cartel—to form "an 'oil buyers club' that can negotiate better terms with sellers as well as getting more US crude oil to Asia to cut dominance of the oil block."

And this isn't just talk. Pradhan followed up by confirming he had raised the issue with OPEC ambassadors at a meeting this past Thursday. India, at least, is keen to get this done.

So what's really going on here? And what does this portend for the future of the post-petrodollar, post-carbon, New New World Order? Find out in this week's Corbett Report Subscriber newsletter, then stick around for a reflection on things that we don't know that we think we do.