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Gathering Existing Information for Use After TEOTWAWKI


This article is about how to gather existing knowledge and information for use after TEOTWAWKI. Basically, search for the basic articles on the six categories listed below, download the PDF of each related page, and check the footnotes for industry standard reference books that can be purchased or found online. Textbooks, workbooks, and lab manuals will also be needed on each subject.

It is far beyond my resources (and probably that of most of us) to purchase hundreds, if not thousands, of such books, therefore, a non-profit entity should be created to buy and store these books, and much more, in such a way as to survive TEOTWAWKI (Doomsday).

I like, despite the fact that their history, political, and controversial pages are biased, but because their science, engineering, and other hard subjects pages are filled with facts that are free and easy to find.

How to save the information from Wikipedia

Saving the information is very easy.

On the left-hand menu under the section labeled "Print/Export", then click on "Download as PDF". This will take you to a download page where you will click on the blue "Download" button.

The PDF will be automatically put in your "Download" folder, which on my machine is under Favorites. From there you can move it to the folder you want.

This is easiest if you open two Windows Explorer windows – one on the Download folder and one on the folder you want the PDF in. Then,  just drag the PDF file across to where you want it.

What information to store

At first, I wanted information on the U.S. military, bases, weapons, aircraft, and ships, everything I could find. Not because I need that information today but because someday I might need it and wish I had it. I downloaded some 2,100 Wikipedia page PDFs on the military. I started at the top links and drilled down every link that seemed relevant and downloaded the PDF of every page.

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