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Telegram Reportedly Testing Service to Store Data for Identity Verification

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Telegram has been testing a new service that will store users' information and documents for verification purposes, according to Russian media reports. Telegram Passport will be used to keep personal details and copies of IDs, banking statements, and utility bills to identify users on Telegram's blockchain platform TON. 

Telegram Passport to Prevent Anonymous Crypto Payments

Developers at Telegram are conducting closed tests of a new service designed to store personal data, according to sources quoted by Russian media. Telegram Passport will be used to verify identities of users on the messenger's Telegram Open Network. They will be able to buy goods and pay for services on the TON blockchain platform with Telegram's crypto token called Gram.

Customers will provide their personal details and documents, such as copies of IDs, passports, drivers' licenses, utility bills, bank statements, and possibly photographs. Once uploaded, the information can be potentially shared with Telegram's partners within the platform, but also on their systems, Vedomosti reported, quoting two sources close to the company.

Telegram Passport, which may be launched by the summer, is expected to effectively prevent anonymity associated with crypto payments, which is a worrisome aspect for regulators around the world, explained Alexander Filatov, partner at SP Capital. His consulting company has invested in TON and facilitated investments of other interested parties.

Telegram Reportedly Testing Service to Store Data for Identity Verification

A number of partner businesses will be able to take advantage of the service. The Russian payments services provider Qiwi has already been granted access to the system, according to the report. The company is said to be cooperating with the messenger on the launch of Telegram Passport.