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BREAKING: Soros's Record $40 Million Short Sale Of MGM Stock 2 Weeks Before Vegas Massacre …

• By Rebeca Oconnel

Americans have only themselves to blame for twice electing Barack Obama as their president – themselves and the mainstream globalist media.

His belief system was open knowledge for those who cared to do even a modicum a little research before they voted back in 2008.  And, after his election he only exacerbated those fears with the passage of Dodd-Frank financial reform, national healthcare, and his refusal to address the growing threat of radical Islamic terror.

The common ground he shares with George Soros on issues that are counter to the best interests of hardworking everyday Americans and his subservience to the Saudi's efforts to spread their Wahhabis beliefs to the West and in particular to America stand in stark contrast to a president who is defending our national sovereignty and our unique culture.