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MODERN DAY ITCH Marilyn Monroe is being brought back to life...

•, By Lauren Probert

The movie icon died from an apparent drugs overdose in 1962 aged just 36.

But a new film of her life is in the pipeline using a Marilyn lookalike and the cutting-edge technology featured in Hollywood blockbusters.

Actress and model Suzie Kennedy was turned into a Marilyn 'avatar' at the world famous Pinewood Studios, home of Star Wars and James Bond.

Suzie, 41, spent hours having her face and body scanned to produce a 'digital double' which will play the part of the troubled star in the movie.

The project is the brainchild of London producer and writer Chris Ongaro.

He teamed up with writer Kim Fuller, who penned the Spice Girls movie Spice World, produced by his brother Simon, the band's manager.

To make the digital Marilyn, Suzie had more than 3,000 photos of her face and body taken, working with Amanda Darby, head of Pinewood 3D.

She had to stand on a platform surrounded by 181 cameras snapping every inch of her.

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