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1984 Is in Full Bloom

•, The Burning Platform

We are living in dark times, despite the delusion of wealth, health and supposed democracy.

A virtual police state is being created, with government surveillance agencies conspiring with the social media mega-corps to control and monitor our every thought, action, or conversation. If anything, as this Fourth Turning progresses, it will get worse. We are already at war, we just don't know it, and we're losing. I need to repost the Hangman poem as a reminder what will happen.

I have a Pdf of Holly's article on my hard drive. I will email it to you directly if you contact me at

Email from HollyO:

The landline rang yesterday which was unusual because no one ever rings me. I picked it up and heard, 'Heddlu.' Then the phone was put down on the other end.

I went into shock, then moved fast. I opened protonmail and fired a message to Yojimbo to contact Admin, signed out, wiped what I had under my immediate control, then heard a car pull up.