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Liberty Con 2018 Brings Freedom and Bitcoin to Washington DC


On March 2-4 the international pro-liberty nonprofit, Students For Liberty, hosted a three-day conference called Liberty Con, an event that aims to "to educate, develop, and empower the next generation of leaders of liberty." In addition to the many ideas that promote freedom attendees got a taste of cryptocurrency from the booth alongside a 45-minute debate about the legitimacy of bitcoin between's communications ambassador and the well-known precious metals advocate and economist Peter Schiff.

Libertycon Attendees Learn About the Free Market Benefits of Cryptocurrency

This year the organization Students For Liberty (SFL) hosted a three-day event aimed at teaching and promoting liberty throughout the many college campuses located all across the world. Liberty Con was filled with many organizations that promote liberty across many different global campuses, industries, and business sectors. This includes groups like the Atlas Society, Institute for Human Studies, FEE, Reason, Young Voices, Free the People, Tzero, the Mises Institute, and of course Many of the Liberty Con attendees, sponsors, and organizations were very interested in cryptocurrency solutions and blockchain technology as a free market concept that can help remove the chains of tyranny.

Hundreds of Wallets Downloaded

Over the course of the weekend, hundreds of Liberty Con participants downloaded the Wallet and received a few bucks of bitcoin cash (BCH) during the event. Students were taught how to send and receive cryptocurrency transactions, and many of the young minds were very interested in this emerging technology.

Liberty Con 2018 Brings Freedom and Bitcoin to Washington DC

Attendees learned the very basics of digital currencies because many of them had heard about cryptos but never invested or tried them before. More importantly, Liberty Con participants learned how cryptocurrencies can be used as a free market tool to help remove money from the nation state's control.