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How to Find the Best Satellite Phones for Off Grid Communication

•, By Gaye Levy

or preppers, satellite phones can be a way to navigate, signal for help, or simply keep in touch when the grid goes down during a disaster.

But, with advances in satellite phone technology, and a reduction in price, off-griders can use satellite phones for other types of communication too. Phone calls, texting, and even internet access are now available on satellite networks. The battery life, quality, and speed of these services will be less than a smart phone in the center of a city can achieve, but still, any access at all is remarkable.

For emergency or for daily communication, how can you find a satellite phone that will work reliably in your area, be durable enough to withstand a disaster, and not be a burden on your off-grid lifestyle? Here's our step-by-step guide to finding the perfect satellite phone for you.