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No. It's not over


Last night I was checking out tickets for some upcoming travel.

I'll be headed to Colombia soon to check on the progress of a large cannabis investment we've made there, then off to Miami for an event with our Total Access members.

After that it's Puerto Rico to meet with some officials there and check out some exciting investment opportunities on the island.

And then finally back to Asia where we're setting up a new factory for a business I recently acquired.

So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I found a ticket for all that travel for just $2800– in business class.

That's an unbelievable deal; just last month I had a similar itinerary that cost me more than $10,000. So I couldn't believe my luck.

Hey, who doesn't like a great bargain?

It's in our nature as human beings. Whether we're purchasing a new car, shopping at a 'Going out of Business' sale, or planning a vacation, we always feel great when we get a steep discount.

Except, of course, when it comes to investing.

For whatever reason, our 'value gene' switches off when it's time to invest our hard earned savings.

Rather than buy the highest quality assets at the lowest possible prices, people tend to pile into expensive, popular investments that they don't really understand.

This is clearly not a great strategy to become wealthy… or to stay that way.

I doubt anyone would feel particularly smart if they consistently bought outrageously priced, full-fare plane tickets.

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