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Prepping your home with essential survival supplies


(Natural News) As a prepper, it's important to have survival gear ready for your family because you never know when a disaster might strike. Make sure your bug out bag contains some or all of the items listed below so you're ready whenever SHTF.

Coats and boots — Prepare for cold weather or flooding with some heavy-duty raincoats, winter coats, hiking boots, and rain boots.

Emergency preparedness guide — Teach everyone in your family where to find your emergency preparedness guide so they all know what to do during "difficult disaster-related circumstances."

First aid supplies — Include these items in your kit: gloves, surgical shears, antiseptic wipes, bandages, pain relieving medication, antibiotic ointment, cotton-tipped applicators, sterile gauze pads, a thermometer, tweezers, and other items so you can cover all the basics.

Flashlights, lanterns, and backup batteries — Prepare emergency light sources so you aren't lost in the dark during a disaster. Consider getting some solar flashlights for when you have to be on the move.

Hand crank radio — Stay up to date on the latest news and weather reports with a hand crank radio.

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