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After Legalization, San Francisco to Pardon and Wipe Out Thousands of Pot Convictions


As half the country continues to kidnap, cage, and kill people over marijuana, California is setting a revolutionary precedent by wiping the records of thousands of otherwise innocent with pot convictions.

San Francisco, CA — (RT) The San Francisco district attorney's office has begun a process to expunge weed-related convictions from thousands of criminal records.

At a media conference Wednesday, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon estimated that his office will immediately dismiss 3,038 marijuana-related misdemeanors and begin reviewing another 4,940 marijuana-related felonies to be reclassified as misdemeanors.

"Today I'm announcing that the San Francisco District Attorney's Office proactively will be dismissing misdemeanor cases, sealing the records of those who were convicted for marijuana offenses," Gascon said.

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