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New Bill Will Force People to Register With the State and Pay a Fee to Watch Porn


Citizens of the state of Virginia may have to start paying the government a fee in order to access adult websites. The Orwellian and unconstitutional bill is being presented under the guise of the prevention of human trafficking. Lawmakers in the state recently proposed Virginia House Bill 1592, which is also known as "The Human Trafficking Prevention Act."

Advocates of the bill claim that locking pornographic sites behind a $20 paywall will somehow prevent human trafficking. However, the bill has created a great deal of controversy in the state, as many people rightfully see this as an invasion of privacy and an infringement of their rights. Also, there has been no real explanation from the government as to how they determined that pornography was related to human trafficking.

Many Virginia residents have said they disagree with the bill.

"I think that's a freedom we all have as Americans, I just don't see the relevance at all," Grace Owens told reporters.