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Losing Control of the American Fear Machine


Fear has always been a tool of the vested interests to retain power, make money, and keep the masses under control. But now things may be veering off the rails.

The old fears deployed by the nation's power centers during and after the Cold War—commies and terrorists—are reliably set, with the levers of power fueling and cooling down as needed. There's always been an element of manipulation at work, as evil and insidious as that is (think Condoleezza Rice's "mushroom cloud"), but it's been one that's maintained a strategic balance. You want enough fear to make people compliant, but not so much that they end up chasing each other—or their leaders—with pitchforks or driving cars through crowds of protesters.

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Comment by Carol Wessner
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Distract left and right with nonsense from what Jeff Sessions did with marijuana laws last week! Even if you don’t imbibe, you are effected by this. Keep the marijuana illegal and restrict the doctor’s ability to prescribe opiates. Force everyone who does imbibe to do so illegally and into prison. Other areas ripe for recruitment of prison slave labor are the family courts (child support ect) and teen truancy (George Bush no child left behind laws, imprisonment for truant teens and parents: George invested financially in private prisons. Keeps the prisons full of cheap labor, with good ROI the Vanguard Group. Taxpayer pays for the upkeep of the inmate and the cheap labor to companies like Whole Foods and AT&T. Your jobs and your freedom is being hijacked out from under you by Jeff Sessions last week. while you were distracted by a cuss word.

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