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Sanctions on Russia Are Worse than Useless

•, by Konstantin Zhukov

I came to the United States as a socialist. However, I was lucky enough to experience the virtues of the free market first-hand and to meet people who positively influenced my beliefs. Unfortunately, many Russians don't have similar opportunities, and in large part, economic sanctions that were imposed on Russia in 2014 are to blame.

The average Russian, it would be fair to say, was definitely not an avid globetrotter prior to 2014, as income per capita in Russia was low compared to the more developed countries. However, sanctions made traveling abroad, and with it the exchange of ideas, substantially harder for the average Russian. This artificial cultural isolation created a vacuum of ideas which, when combined with declining living standards and ubiquitous propaganda, nourishes a negative perception toward Western values.

If the West wants to export its values to Russia, it should help people to understand its principles instead of hurting them.