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NSA tweet: Pizzagate is real


A year ago, on December 4, 2016, some "white hat" at the National Security Agency (NSA) tweeted that Pizzagate is real. Below is the tweet, which was retweeted the next day by @axslinger99 (h/t Voat):

I can confirm the following:

NSA's Twitter account indeed is NSA/CSS @NSAGov.

@axslinger99's retweet is now deleted, but it is archived here.

For that matter, axslinger99's entire Twitter account is deleted:

axslinger99 identifies himself as a Christian, conservative, Trumptard, and musician in Scottsdale, Arizona. His old tweets on Tweet Tunnel are "protected":

Certainly, if anyone knows about Pizzagate, it would be the NSA — the federal government agency that spies on every phonecall, email, bank transfer, travel record of every American.