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Angry about Israel:

• By Ashley Collman

A pipe bomb prematurely went off in an underground tunnel linking the Times Square subway station and the Port Authority bus terminal Monday morning around 7:20am  

The suspect has been identified as unmarried 27-year-old green-card holder Akayed Ullah

Ullah came to the U.S. seven years ago from Bangladesh on a visa for people who have family in the U.S. 

He was the only one seriously injured in the blast

Ullah was taken to Bellevue Hospital for serious burns and lacerations to his hands and abdomen  

CNN reports that the bomb detonated prematurely and that if it had gone off as intended the damage could have been catastrophic

Ullah says he made the explosive himself last week, after reading instructions on the internet  

The FBI has been swarming multiple addresses connected to Ullah in Brooklyn 

Neighbors say they heard yelling and screaming coming for the apartment the last two nights and that Ullah was not a friendly person 

Ullah told investigators that he carried out the attack as revenge for recent actions by Israelis against Muslim Palestinians in the Gaza Strip

The incident happened just days after President Trump sparked demonstrations across the world by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital city 

One of the largest demonstrations took place in Muslim-majority Bangladesh