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Antifa's Coup to Replace Our Constitutional Republic Through Destablizing Terror Attacks


It is time to synthesize what know about Vegas and to extrapolate some meaning about what is coming based on two variables, what we know and what has already happened.

October 1, 2017

At 3pm Pacific, approximately 7 hours prior to the Vegas massacre, I received a communication, from my best and most reliable source in which I was told that Antifa had previously joined forces with MS-13 and ISIS. At that time, I was in the midst of preparing for my radio and the information was so stunning, I did not have time to fully process the meaning.

I understood the implications for this associate was very serious. My show was over about 2 hours prior to the Vegas massacre. I was already working on putting together the possible implications from these associations, but did not have time to process the full meaning when Paddock and his forces unleashed holy hell in Vegas. In the 2 hour span between the end of my show and the first shots fired in Vegas, I know something big was coming. In fact, my source had previously reminded me that I had previously printed the fact that there would a TET Offensive style of terror attack upon learning that Obama's Deep State controlled Department of Homeland Security was ordering the Border Patrol to admit MS-13 in packs when they were arrested during the summer of 2014 illegal alien invasion from Central America.