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The Pneumonic Plague Is Spreading: Warnings Issued to 9 Countries

•, by Daisy Luther

When I wrote about the plague less than two weeks ago, I cited a source that said there were 200 infections and 33 deaths. As of today, those numbers have increased dramatically to more than 1300 infections and 124 deaths. And according to many infectious disease experts, the outbreak has not yet reached its peak. It's urgent that we stay up-to-date on this epidemic so that we can be prepared if it goes worldwide. (Sign up here to receive a daily update on the topics important to preppers and follow me here for all the most important news links..)

Normally, Madagascar has about 400 cases of plague per year. But this year, it's worse because it is the pneumonic plague. It gets into the victim's lungs and is passed through the air from coughing. It's the most deadly form of a horrific disease, often killing the victim within 24 hours.

Madagascar is a highly populated island with more than 25 million people, and this outbreak has hit the capital city, with more than a million people crammed into an urban environment. There are no real travel restrictions, so flights are going in and out of the international airport, and cargo is still being shipped. Even worse, the funeral customs in Madagascar have people parading corpses down the street and literally dancing around them.

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