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There's always a market in crisis… you just have to look!

•, By Kim Iskyan

If you're looking to invest when the odds are in your favour then look for a crisis. When asset prices collapse it creates life-changing opportunities to buy (the right) assets on the (very) cheap.

But if you're a victim of home market bias – and you're over-invested in your "home" market – you might have to wait a long while for a nice ripe crisis. And even once it comes, chances are that you'll be too caught up in it yourself, unless you were smart or lucky enough to sell early.

You might have cash to buy cheap assets… but you might have already been holding them on the way down.

Investing in markets or companies in crisis, then, requires leaving what you know, and running towards the fire. (That's part of what I'll be doing in our new investment research service… lifetime subscribers will have the opportunity to join me on investment research trips to off-the-radar – and big-upside – destinations around the globe. Find out more here.)