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EPC is leading the world to a new age of wireless power

•, brian wang

EPC is licensing gallium nitride integrated circuits which they have shown can enable furniture like tables to be made into charging surfaces.

Currently there are three kinds of wireless power.
* Inductive charging
* Airfuel Magnetic Resonance which is a standard that is taking off in Asia
* wearable wireless charging

EPC has created a new antenna which can be made onto a larger surface area and higher power levels using Airfuel. It can be made into wallpaper, table surface or even coverage of the floor of a room. It is PC board material with copper wires. The magnetic charging can be designed to only target 1 inch over the surface.

AirFuel Resonant employs the principle of magnetic resonance. It can support value-added services such as mobile payments, gaming, advertising, peer-to-peer data sharing and location based services. Airfuel technology is endorsed by the world's leading mobile chipmakers, mobile phone manufacturers, and other key industry partners.