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Newsbud Exclusive- Pentagon & Millennial Propaganda

•, Christian Sorensen

Since then the Pentagon has had free rein to win over U.S. hearts and minds, spending extra effort to target the millennial crowd. Late Night with Seth Meyers is just one example of many illustrating how well the Pentagon has stepped up its game.

The Pentagon has stepped up its propaganda game in the Internet age. Tapping into the millennial mind requires more than hackneyed advertisements and catchy slogans. It requires celebrity, humor, and flattery. Seth Meyers, the host of Late Night, is happy to help out.

How does millennial propaganda work?

Meyers sets the stage by framing those in uniform as "our nation's armed forces," when in reality they exist to fight for corporate interest, to take out regional competitors of Israel, and to keep the oil flowing. The U.S. war budget is a direct transfer of roughly $1 trillion each year into war corporations. In other words, the funds are public but the profits are private. Members of the U.S. military are anything but "our nation's armed forces."