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Busted! HUGE arrest made in Democrat spy ring


A major arrest last night threatens to expose dozens of Democratic politicians' links to an alleged spy ring, rumored to be connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.

These aren't small-time liberal politicians, either. This list includes a "who's who" of top Democratic House Representatives – and it could lead all the way to Hillary Clinton.

Last night, officials arrested Imran Awan, the former head of IT for many House Democrats, on a technical charge of bank fraud — but the real scandal is much uglier and deeper than that.

According to his arrest records, Awan told the Congressional Federal Credit Union that he needed to borrow $165,000 for a home mortgage. Instead, he's accused of using the money for a rental property, which is against the law.

The cops nabbed him as he was about to board a plane for Pakistan. He had just wired $283,000 to the country from his Congressional credit union account.

But arresting Awan for bank fraud is like getting Al Capone for tax evasion. There's a much more nasty, and dangerous, story waiting to break – and it threatens to take down major players in the Democratic Party.

A slew of high-powered Democratic congressmen gave Awan and his family access to our most precious national secrets during the middle of the War on Terror. Now, it seems, they're desperate to cover their tracks.

The Horn News has told you that Debbie Wasserman Schultz and several Democratic officials hired the Awan family as their IT administrators. Former congressman Bob Wexler hired Imran Awan in 2004. A year later, Wasserman Schultz put Awan on her payroll.

Soon, his whole family and two of their friends were making hundreds of thousands a year on the taxpayers' dime, working for Democrats with direct access to state secrets.

In all, the Pakistani family worked for more than 25 Democrats in the House. For some reason, only far-left Democrats thought that giving this family – who allegedly have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood — access to the House IT server, all their e-mail records, and passwords to their personal laptops was a good idea.

The Awan family made out like bandits, raking in more than $4 million in taxpayer money since 2009. They also took six-figures from an Iraqi politician during this time.

But they may have made off with something far more valuable: Classified U.S. intelligence.

Their job gave them had access to the House of Representatives' IT server for more than a decade. That means they could read every single e-mail sent by congressmen who belonged to the intelligence and foreign affairs committees.

Then the Capitol Police noticed something fishy. The Awans and their buddies began downloading these materials onto a private server, located off-site.

Once President Donald Trump took office, things took a quick turn. The police kicked them off the server in February, seized their equipment, launched a criminal investigation, and called in the FBI for back-up.

Then, the FBI did something shocking — they smashed the hard drives with hammers.