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State Law Forces Bystanders to Help Police Making Arrest -- Or Go To Jail


South Carolina — Imagine, for a moment, that you see a cop beating up a teenage girl for being in possession of a little bit of cannabis. The girl, not wanting to be kidnapped and caged for a plant, is naturally 'resisting' her arrest. So, the cop asks you to step in and help him. What do you do?

Well, even if you are morally opposed to the war on drugs, and believe that people should not be kidnapped and caged for possessing a plant — that the US government admits can kill cancer cells — you must step in. If you do not help the cop, in South Carolina, you could go to jail. Seriously.

On the police propaganda show from A&E, Live PD, a recent episode exposed this tyrannical and outright ridiculous law.

Last week, a highly controversial episode of Live PD showed an officer involved in the high-speed chase of Bryan Martin who had his two-year-old daughter with him during the arrest after the chase came to a dramatic end.