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[Serious] Does anyone use a bristle brush to scratch their nuts?

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Can you repeat the question?[Serious] Does anyone use a brisle brush to scratch their nuts? (self.AskMen)

submitted 1 year ago by MickeyWallace?

Sorry for the brash raunchiness, but I needed to ask the fellas..

I'm medium build, shower atleast once per day but mostly twice, but when I feel the urge to scratch the sack I have a dedicated soft brisle brush for the private occasion - this opposed to "tittie twisting" on the itchy spots..

Am I alone in this greatly satisfying alternative measure!?


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[–]Casus125 10 points 1 year ago 


[–]ExplosiveMachineBane 5 points 1 year ago 

Do you walk around naked? Sounds awfully inconvenient having to drop trow to get in there with a brush.

To answer the question, no I don't, I very rarely scratch my balls as it is.

[–]MickeyWallace?[S] 2 points 1 year ago 

it's a private affair that takes place in my bathroom usually after i return home from work or before bed

[–]wooman20 4 points 1 year ago 

Nope, but if it makes you happy and your no hurting anyone knock yourself out.

[–]AtomicMonkeyTheFirstMale 5 points 1 year ago 

No but I want to try it now.

[–]MickeyWallace?[S] 3 points 1 year ago 

oh my lord, the first time is heavenly..

[–]suckadickdumbshit 3 points 1 year ago 

No, and I don't think I'll ever attempt it.

[–]EastGuardianMale 1 point 1 year ago 

Same here, even if someone approached me with money to do it. This ain't "Jackass"!

[–]miloir 2 points 1 year ago 

Really? You feel that strongly about it? You wouldn't scratch your balls with soft bristle brush even if someone paid you? Hell buy me the brush I'll try anything once

[–][deleted] 3 points 1 year ago 

Are you my dad? Probably not, but he scratches his ass with a bristle brush.

[–]slk239unoMale 3 points 1 year ago 

I've done this, it feels great. The brush can't be too coarse though.

[–]rnel1111 3 points 1 year ago 

ive used the plastic door part on the back of my tv remote that keeps that batteries in lol it works! ill have to check out a brush tho for sure

[–]BadAtStuff 5 points 1 year ago 

No, but I work at Disneyland, so it's pretty much animated hedgehogs whenever I want.

[–]OzRockabella 4 points 1 year ago 

Nope, not alone, but I'm a gal and it feels godly for me, so high five!

[–]jesseomgwtf 2 points 1 year ago 

Yes, that shit is amazing, but I don't have a dedicated brush.

[–]Sultan_of_SassBane 2 points 1 year ago 

Oh my god, I thought I was the only one!!

[–]n2opony 2 points 1 year ago 

Never used a brush but the wife has a stash of shower poofs because I keep using them to scratch my balls while in the shower and over time the get untangled lol!

[–]LetsGoAllTheWhey 4 points 1 year ago 

Sometimes I use my girlfriend's toothbrush, when she pisses me off.

[–]MickeyWallace?[S] 3 points 1 year ago 

haha.. somehow I'm guessing she'll piss you off even more sometime and get it even worse from you - yikes

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[–]MisterInternet 0 points 1 year ago 

Uhhh, pardon?

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