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Health Care Debate Exposed as a Fraud, Dems and Reps Just United to do Big Pharma ...

•, By Justin Gardne

The circus sideshow of health care politics is providing yet another smokescreen for the real agenda of the corporate 2-party dictatorship. Contrary to the "different visions for America" portrayed by MSM talking heads, Democrats and Republicans vigorously agree on a fundamental principle: Big Pharma will continue to rake Americans over the coals, with the help of federal government.

The health care "debate" has been portrayed as Republicans and Democrats valiantly fighting for the interest of American citizens. But as Ron Paul points out, the actual difference amounts to slightly different degrees of government control over health care, all of it stifling free market solutions and driving up costs.

Exhibit A is the recent move by Democrats and Republicans alike to ban the importation of prescription drugs from other countries such as Canada. While the American Health Care Act takes all the headlines, Congress is quietly passing the FDA Reauthorization Act of 2017—the framework of the Big Pharma protectionist racket.

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