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Government Surveillance and Academic Thought Policing Are Taking Us to 1984

• by Art Carden

George Orwell's 1984 is one you should read repeatedly and deeply. Without it, no education is complete.

Parallels between the world of 1984 and our own are increasingly obvious.

It tells the story of a man, Winston, grappling with ordinary desires for love and privacy – but in a totalitarian socialist world in which every word and even desire is subject to control and punishment by "the Party."

1984 teaches timeless truths and shows its characters grappling with questions that do not have easy answers. The dystopia Orwell presents emerged out of the soil of a society in which little by little, inch by inch, thought by thought, and idea by idea, people forsook their liberty, their dignity, and their humanity.

Surveillance and Thought Policing

For one thing, we live in an ever-growing "anti-terror" surveillance state, and one that is encouraged, if not openly embraced, by fearful people who are, if I may be blunt, really bad at math and really lacking in perspective.