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The UN has become a cesspool of corruption, prosecuting whistleblowers to hide ...


(Natural News) The world's governing institutions are crumbling fast, having become infested with corrupt people who have no allegiance to anything or anyone but themselves and the almighty dollar.

The United Nations is one of those institutions, and in fact, the corruption there proves the point that governments everywhere are morally bankrupt, since representatives to the UN come from all over the planet.

One of the more grotesque abuses of trust and power by the UN is the leadership's effort to protect those who commit violence against women and children, while going out of their way to prosecute anyone who's actually trying to do the right thing and report the crimes.

As noted by The New American, these crimes have included the rape of women and children by UN "peacekeepers." The magazine's foreign correspondent, Alex Newman, explains in a video released earlier this month that a series of whistleblowers have put careers and even their lives on the line to tell the world what is happening.

"[T]he UN has a long history of retaliating against, terrorizing, persecuting, and attacking" whistleblowers, the site noted. "It is critical that civilized nations put a stop to the UN war on whistleblowers." (RELATED: UN 'Peacekeeping' Troops Who've Raped Women And Children Across The World Are Coming To America)

Newman, who refers to the UN as "a dictator's club" and a "cesspool of corruption," noted that because UN officials are immune from prosecution, they get away with anything. Worse, they also get by with trashing and ruining whistleblowers.

The problem of child rape is particularly troubling, and it seems to happen most often in African nations where peacekeeping troops are stationed very frequently. While such forces do little to actually keep the peace when violence does break out, many of them spend their time abusing the very people they were sent there to protect.

Very often, as Newman reported, UN officials plot to destroy and delegitimize whistleblowers in an attempt to discourage them from talking. One of them was Anders Kompass, a UN official from Sweden who worked in the Office of Human Rights. He blew the whistle on alleged child sexual abuse by French and African peacekeepers in the Central African Republican in 2014. Shortly thereafter, the UN Office of the High Commissioner of his department suspended him for "breaching rules of conduct." It doesn't get any more Orwellian than that.

Outraged, he spoke against the UN in general, saying that corruption throughout the institution is beyond repair.