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China invites India to join One-Belt-One-Road project

•, Jawed Naqvi

The Chinese embassy on Monday released the text of Mr Luo's remarks made to an Indian think-tank on Friday.

"Some people in the West misread China and tend to think that the 'Dragon' and the 'Elephant' are inevitable rivals, and that China would not like to see India developing. This conception is wrong. We hope to see India develop well and we are more than happy to help India develop to achieve common development," he said in an address at the United Services Institute.

Despite recent tensions between the two countries, President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will have opportunities to meet each other on the sidelines of summits to be held by the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, G20 and BRICS.

"We need to properly manage differences. As two large neighbours, it is natural that we have some differences. Even family members may have problems," Mr Luo said.

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