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The Campus Counter-Revolution against Liberty

• by Richard M. Ebeling

The elements of intellectual intolerance, the willingness to shout down any ideological critic or opponent, and the resort to incidents of on-campus violence to prevent invited speakers from addressing students have been pointed out to represent a dangerous totalitarian streak among "progressives" and even more radical Leftists.

Some opinion writers such as David Brooks have warned that we face a new "Crisis of Western Civilization," and Heather MacDonald has pointed out that that "Those 'Snowflakes' Have Chilling Effects Beyond the Campus."

Brooks emphasizes that these Leftists reject the principles and premises of Western Civilization: the ideas and ideals of individual liberty, freedom of speech and expression, the importance of private property, and the institutions of open and democratic discourse.  MacDonald highlights that what is plaguing college campuses and spilling over into the wider society is not simply the parental coddling of young people which makes them spoiled brats who say "no" to anything they dislike.