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Tech Trends: Elon Musk Brings Us Into the Matrix

•, by Simon Jones

Musk's endeavors have painted him as something of a wunderkind to some (and a space alien to others), but there's no doubt that Musk celebrates and believes in the development of technology.

Adding to his list of zealous ideas, Elon Musk is pushing a new design for interacting with our computers. His new company is called "Neuralink," and is pushing to form a deeper connection between people and their computers. Specifically, Neuralink is working on a system that will let people directly interact with their computers–without any other physical input.

Neuralink is technically a medical research company (privately funded by Musk) that works in developing technology that might be useful in the field of medicine. As a business, Neuralink is in the working stages of something called "neural lace," which will be the backbone of the Neuralink project. Neural lace is the tool that will allow our computers to be controlled by our mind.