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Wow! Conservative woman STUNS the world with one simple refusal


France's right-winged presidential candidate Marine Le Pen just shocked the world with one simple word: No.

After informing Lebanon's top Sunni Muslim cleric ahead of time that she would not don a headscarf at their meeting Tuesday, Le Pen was still bombarded with a request to wear one.

But she held her ground, strongly refused and walked away from the scheduled appointment.

The debacle topped Le Pen's three-day visit to Lebanon, where she held her first campaign meeting with a head of state.

It highlighted the larger world-wide conservative movement of anti-globalism, much of which can be attributed to the election of U.S. President Donald Trump.

It drew the focus to Le Pen's strong support for secularism and a proposal in her presidential platform that promotes banishing headscarves and other obvious religious symbols in all public spaces.

"I consider the headscarf a symbol of a woman's submission," Le Pen told reporters at the end of her visit. "I will not put on the veil."

When she was confronted by some as disrespectful in her refusal, she recognized the hypocrisy by acknowledging that Former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama did the same thing, and was cheered for her strength.

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