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Heh: Dem Senator Suddenly Regrets the 'Reid Rule' on Filibusters

•, Guy Benson

Oh, it seemed like such a good idea at the time; those awful obstructionist Republicans weren't giving President Obama everything he wanted, so something had to be done. Reid used a strong-arm move to change the Senate rules with a bare majority vote, eliminating the minority's right to filibuster presidential nominations. Obama was the short-term beneficiary of the Reid Rule, installing his people as he saw fit, in both the executive branch and the federal judiciary (excepting the Supreme Court -- more on that in a moment).  But now the proverbial shoe is on the other foot, and President Trump will have the opportunity to populate his administration with whomever he sees fit, not to mention a slew of district and circuit court judges. Cue the Democratic regret.  Seriously: Thanks, Harry Reid.  Come to think of it, if they really want to troll the Senate's chief troll on his way out the door, the GOP caucus could sign a 'thank you' note to him for empowering conservatives and the Trump administration.