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A Weed Newbie's Guide to Legal Marijuana

• by Meredith Rutland Bauer

I'm talking, of course, of goody-two-shoes, never-break-the-rules kids who haven't smoked pot.

I'm not sure I'll personally exercise my right as a California resident—but if I wanted to, I'd be seriously ill-equipped.

My cannabis knowledge begins and ends at the intellectual, which happens when you write for Motherboard. I know the difference between THC and CBD, I know which patients could benefit from medical marijuana (with a doctor's consult, of course), I know the potential revenue of medical and recreational marijuana markets in various states and I know the general incarceration minimum sentences forlow-level drug crimes in the states I've been a reporter. But I don't know how to roll a joint.

So when weed became officially legal in California, I turned to the internet to learn all the tips and tricks I probably should have picked up in high school when I let those blunts pass me by untouched on my friends' porches.